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William Hope Hodgson's longest science fiction works involve different characters mentally projecting far into the future. Some other authors have employed similar devices. So any chronological story list is necessarily simplified.

Further, while we have a loose, broad timeline for this future history, different authors have developed it in different ways. Hence, our chronology cannot be exact.

Hodgsonian Stories in Approximate Chronological Order

Title Era Author
The Night Land (Chapter 1) Days of Light William Hope Hodgson
The House on the Borderland (begins) Days of Light William Hope Hodgson
Sea horror stories Days of Light William Hope Hodgson
Carnacki stories Days of Light William Hope Hodgson
Across the Night Wall (begins) Man in Space Martin Isitt
The Door in the Wall Man in Space Andy Robertson
Narcissus (starts) Slow Sun Brett Davidson
Red Giant's Race Slow Sun Nigel Atkinson
Narcissus (ends) Slow Sun Brett Davidson
Salvage Cataclysm Brett Davidson
Above Great Descent Andy Robertson
Low the Ascomycotan Sky Great Descent Deborah Walker
Children of the Hive (begins) Great Descent Luna García y García
The Last Road Maker Great Descent James Stoddard
Eve of Evil Darkening Gregg Marchese
Red Twilight Darkening Keran Parizek
Ex Machina Darkening Brett Davidson
Gold Darkening Andy Robertson
Parting Darkening Nigel Price
And the Sky is Filled with Eyes Darkening Tais Teng
Delight Darkening Andy Robertson
The Wreck of the Aetherwing Darkening James DeWitt
The Siege of Humanity Night Sean McLachlan
Embrace the Night Night Tais Teng
Lute Night Don Webb
Catharsis Night Nigel Brown
Children of the Hive (ends) Night Luna García y García
An Exhalation of Butterflies Night Nigel Atkinson
The Watcher Speaks to the Eye-Beam Night Banks Miller
Imago Night Brett Davidson
A Mouse in the Walls of the Lesser Redoubt  Night Nigel Atkinson
The Night Land (Chapter 2 onward) Night William Hope Hodgson
The Testament of Andros Night James Stoddard
At the Fall Night Banks Miller
Seeking Survival Night Erin Donahoe
Meanwhile, She Dreams Night Brett Davidson
Little Rituals Night Lucy A. E. Ward
Across the Night Wall (ends) Night Martin Isitt
Black Irises Night Lucy A. E. Ward
Awake in the Night Night John C. Wright
The Cry of the Night Hound Night John C. Wright
The Guild of the Last Migration Late Night Welleran
Slope Late Night Andy Robertson
Out Late Night Andy Robertson
Kiss Late Night Andy Robertson
Marks Late Night Andy Robertson
The Inward Seer Late Night Mark Valentine
From the Tower of Observation Late Night Banks Miller
Eater Late Night Andy Robertson
Dream Late Night Andy Robertson
Jewel Late Night Andy Robertson
The Astronomer Late Night Brett Davidson
Minotaur Late Night Brett Davidson
Little Watcher Late Night Brett Davidson
Eikon Late Night Brett Davidson
Beyond the Green Luminous Mist Late Night Gregg Marchese
Heaven Sent Late Night Gregg Marchese
Beyond Late Night Gregg Marchese
Silence of the Night Late Night John C. Wright
The Last of All Suns The End of Time John C. Wright
The House on the Borderland (ends) The End of Time William Hope Hodgson