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The Derelict A weird sea story.
The Boats of the Glen Carrig Hodgson's first novel.
The Ghost Pirates A novel of the Sea.
The House on the Borderland Some consider this Hodgson's masterpiece.
The Night Land Full text.
Carnacki the Ghost-Finder All of the stories.
The Voice in the Night Perhaps Hodgson's finest short story.
The Baumoff Explosion A story of hubris.
Readings by Paul Potts For several of Hodgson's stories.
The Night Land: A Story Retold By James Stoddard.
The Kindle version of Mr Stoddard's retelling At Amazon.
Hodgson audio books At Librivox
William Hope Hodgson blog Sam Gafford's excellent blog.
Forgotten Futures Carnacki Worldbook This RPG gaming resource by Marcus L. Rowland is a fascinating attempt to systematise the "Abnatural" elements in the Carnacki stories. Also has the Carnacki stories themselves.
The Carnacki Cinematograph A fine flash site on Carnacki.
William Hope Hodgson Enthusiasts Almost worth enduring Facebook for.
William Hope Hodgson's 'The Night Land' A newer Facebook group devoted to Mr. Hodgson's magnum opus.
William Hope Hodgson Alan Gullette's excellent page on this writer: contains several essays and much biographical and bibliographical material; a must-read.
Clark Ashton Smith His appreciation of Hodgson.
Great SF The Great SF page on Hodgson.
Hobgoblin Press A small press that produces rare books by Hodgson, as well as some other writers of fantastic horror.
Night Shade Books A page on their Collected Works, a five-volume set.
Wildside Press The part of their fantasy classics subsection devoted to Hodgson.
Philippe Druillet's illustrations For several of Hodgson's novels.
The Hour Slips A fan site by Banks Miller.
The NIGHTLAND Raymond C Leung's art-based Night Land fan site.


Mr. Hodgson's work is mostly or entirely in the public domain in many countries, and there are numerous editions, both electronic and printed.

Of Note

The Night Shade Books five-volume set The Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson is gorgeous. The bound books are out of print, and expensive, but electronic editions are available.

William Hope Hodgson's Night Lands — edited by Andy Robertson

Cover for Night Lands Volume 1, showing a huge, bizarre monster in darkness.

Night Lands Volume 1: Eternal Love

This is the first volume of stories from the Night Land Website. It's published by Betancourt & Company (Wildside Press). It contains some stories no longer complete on the site.


  • "Dream," by Andy Robertson
  • "The Siege of Humanity," by Sean McLachlan
  • "Black Irises," by Lucy A.E. Ward
  • "An Exhalation of Butterflies," by Nigel Atkinson
  • "Imago," by Brett Davidson
  • "Catharsis," by Nigel Brown
  • "The Testamont of Andros," by James Stoddard
  • A Mouse in the Walls of the Lesser Redoubt, by Nigel Atkinson
  • "Seeking Survival," by Erin Donahoe
  • "Awake in the Night," by John C. Wright
  • "Meanwhile, She Dreams," by Brett Davidson
  • "Out," by Andy Robertson
  • "Eater," by Andy Robertson

Cover for Night Lands Volume 2, showing a flaming green sun.

Night Lands Volume II: Nightmares of the Fall

This is the second volume of stories from the Night Land Website. It's published by the Utter Tower imprint of Three-Legged Fox. It also contains some stories no longer complete on the site.


  • "The Cry of the Night Hound," by John C. Wright
  • "Jewel," by Andy Robertson
  • "Slope," by Andy Robertson
  • "Marks," by Andy Robertson
  • "The Voice of the Lacuna (A Play)," by Gerard Houarner
  • "Minotaur," by Brett Davidson
  • "Little Watcher," by Brett Davidson
  • "Eikon," by Brett Davidson
  • The Last of All Suns, by John C.Wright

Unnoted Abridgements

I have been informed that the following editions of The Night Land are abridged, but the abridgement is not noted in the book descriptions online, or on the covers:

  • The Night Land: A Love Tale (The Radium Age Science Fiction Series) published by HiLoBooks. Apparently Mr. Hodgson's original ending has been omitted — which dramatically changes the work (not, in my opinion, for the better).
  • The Night Land, Volumes I and II, published by Pan/Ballantine, with an introduction by Lin Carter.