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About William Hope Hodgson, author of The Night Land, The House on the Borderland, the Carnacki occult detective stories, and other weird fiction.

William Hope Hodgson at a ship's wheel

William Hope Hodgson in athletic attire.

Harry Houdini in chains prior to an escape act.

William Hope Hodgson in uniform.

Corporation Park Pub in Blackburn. Photo by Robert Wade.

Back in 1988/9, having read — I now forget where — not only that William Hope Hodgson had lived for some time in Blackburn, Lancashire, but, of particular interest, that his idea for the mysterious dwelling of 'The House on the Borderland' may well have been influenced by his Blackburn home, I made attempts to find out where that home had been...

The cover of Jane Frank's book of recovered Hodgson-related material.

An old photograph of Lt. Hodgson with a horse

A portrait of William Hope Hodgson