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A long time ago Nigel Atkinson's Night Land novella A Mouse in the Walls of the Lesser Redoubt was complete on the original version of this site; but our original editor, the late Andy Robertson, took the complete story down and left a teaser up, for the publication of Night Lands Volume I: Eternal Love. The Night Lands printed books (there was also a Night Lands Volume II: Nightmares of the Fall) were print-on-demand, and never cheap. Now, since the publisher of Night Lands Volume II, Paul Brazier of Three Legged Fox, has also died, the second volume is sometimes unavailable altogether.

I've decided to bring A Mouse in the Walls of the Lesser Redoubt back here to the website in its entirety. (Mr. Atkinson, if you should stumble across this, I don't have your email address.) I'm working on it presently.

I have a few other existing works to bring back, and I'm going to get to work on them. I want the website stories to be complete (except for John C. Wright's stories, which he has republished in his ebook Awake in the Night Land).

The Internet Archive has taken to archiving this site on the Wayback machine, but so far I haven't been able to turn it up on the Wayback search without giving the domain name '', unfortunately. There is a copy of Andy's version of the site (the domain was from 2007.

I liked, and still like, the look of the old version. The only reason I switched is it's all HTML. I spent some time maintaining that version before Andy died, and the site had gotten big enough to be a formidable amount of work, and had a fair amount of cruft because it needed that much work. So I moved to a Content Management System. But finding the old one somewhere besides my hard drive brings back good memories.

I fixed the Image Galleries. They weren't displaying.

I replaced the links in William Hope Hodgson's Fiction Online, as two of the best old sources had disappeared. The link to the Carnacki stories still points to those on Forgotten Futures, the Scientific Romance Roleplaying Game, but they also may be found on

I have also linked to a new Hodgson weird sea story, and audio recordings of some of Hodgson's stories.

'The Baumoff Explosion' is also called 'Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabacthani?' 

I have new hardware, which is going to make some of the site work a lot easier. First, I now have enough screen space for the more demanding updates. Second, I now can see the squirrelly way the CSS is behaving on a tablet browser, which means there's some chance I'll get it fixed. (It doesn't show the same error on any desktop browser with reduced window size.)

I was hoping to do some more J-Wildfire work on the said new hardware, but the font size in the interface won't enlarge to the point where I can avoid eyestrain headaches. So probably not much more flame-fractal-based artwork is forthcoming in the immediate future.


I've revived a first thread from the vanished Night Speech bulletin board.

These threads will mostly end up in the Background --> Cosmos --> Discussion section, but I'm not sure of the final organization below that: it will depend on how many address various subjects.

This one's in Night Land Setting: it's Infrared Chlorophyll.

In an inelegant manner, I have added a Skip Nav link to the very top of the page. This is so people using screenreaders can easily get to the main page content without having to listen to the menu read out repeatedly. The link is black, in small text, and not very visible to the sighted, but if you're tabbing through the page links, or mouse over it, it will light up.

I might get around to doing it in a less inelegant manner someday. Then again, I might not.

I'm starting another round of updating. I'm going to be putting up news and essays people have emailed me, stories that haven't been republished yet, and poems. I'm also going to republish some of the multimedia files that were up on the old site; with luck, I'll find a good plugin for that.

The Nightspeech bulletin board is no more, but while it was still up I copied it, and I'll be reposting some of the more interesting discussions from it.

First: I've changed my email address. The old Gmail address still exists, but I'm moving to Protonmail. The new address is nightscribe >at<

I've fixed a couple of things that broke in a recent Chrome update.

Also: I always make remote backups of the site, but until recently I haven't had a backup for me. I'm going to be sharing the backups with Claire Robertson, our original webmaster's daughter, so she'll be able to put the site back up if something happens to me.