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Criticism and apology for William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land and other weird fiction.

portrait of H.P. Lovecraft

Excerpted from various sources by Andrea Bonazzi, Adam Joffrain, and Sam Gafford.

portrain of H.G. Wells

A woman depicted in blue and white.

beaten brass rings and a wrought iron spike spiralling down into the center of an orange vortex.

NASA satellite view of Earth's geological features

A blonde woman trying to warm herself at a firepit.

cover of the Call of Cthulhu gamebook

The late Andy Robertson wrote these.  The first three remain the best critical introduction to The Night Land.

A series of essays by Kate Coady propounding the science, and occasionally the philosophy, behind the science-fictional parts of William Hope Hodgson's speculative fiction.

Among other things, Nigel Brown explains why he disagrees with some common assessments of The Night Land.