A long time ago Raymond C. Leung, who has a gallery here, was setting up an art-based Night Land site. It was never completed, although it's been online. I haven't been able to get it to load for a few days.

The background was a wonderful view of the Last Redoubt in the Night Land. Tonight I realized it wasn't in Mr. Leung's gallery here, so I have added it. 

Added to Future History: The Night Land: The History of the Lesser Redoubt, and Disuse of Distance Weapons at the Pyramid.

The Future History: The Night Land section now has useful information. I'm not sure I've remembered everything in the book that should ultimately go there, but I have picked out the most prominent information about the Moving Cities, the Descent, the Darkening, and so on.

I have started two new sections. Neither of them are complete.

The Background:Cosmos section will hold passages from William Hope Hodgson's works that I frequently find myself looking for: passages that explain how his world works. Right now it has some passages from The Night Land. It will grow.

Artwork:Sound and Multimedia is now live but incomplete. It presently has links to a few items that were hosted elsewhere (Soundcloud, e.g.). There are probably many more items that should go on that list.

The old site also had some mp3s that were hosted on-site. I'm probably not going to restore some of them because I have no idea how to contact the musicians. The rest will be coming back as soon as I figure out what plugin I want to use. Expect Sound and Multimedia to be otherwise arranged when I finally do that.

The Fading Sun (Part 2) is about stellar evolution in The House on the Borderland.

As you can no doubt tell, I really, really need more art to represent the waning of the Kelvin-Helmholtz-inspired Sun. But I haven't had the time to make anything new yet.

I will be writing a series of essays about the scientific, literary, and other influences on William Hope Hodgson's speculative fiction — the science most of all.

Part 1 of the first essay is up. It's called "The Fading Sun: An Examination of the Astronomy in The Night Land, The House on the Borderland, and H.G. Wells' The Time Machine."

The first part introduces the subject and covers The Time Machine.

After the latest update, my installation of Firefox on Linux quit loading the menu and header font. Since Firefox on Windows and every other browser correctly loads it, I believe they introduced a bug, and I'm not going to change the site to accommodate it. I switched to Chromium.

Under the Background menu there is now a Cosmos section, where I will be adding quotes from Mr. Hodgson's works (and perhaps a few others'): these will be the important that describe history or some important aspects of how the world works. There is presently one section from The Night Land involving the Days of Light.

Intro page of Carnacki, Recorder of Things Strange

M.S. Corley is working on a comic called Carnacki, Recorder of Things Strange. He's planning to release the first volume later this year. It looks quite good (obviously).

John Linwood Grant has a new post on Carnacki at Grey Dog Tales which gives a good list of the new Carnacki stories published; and he also discusses Thomas Carnacki as a character with more human weakness than one commonly finds in the occult detective genre.