I've fixed a couple of things that broke in a recent Chrome update.

Also: I always make remote backups of the site, but until recently I haven't had a backup for me. I'm going to be sharing the backups with Claire Robertson, our original webmaster's daughter, so she'll be able to put the site back up if something happens to me.

I haven't updated this site of late. I've been doing far too many other things at once.

Life has decisively demonstrated to me that this has to stop. So it will.

I'm quitting some of my endeavors.

I'm keeping the Night Land Website. 

I'm going to start updating again. Slowly.

I have more of our old material to republish. And I'll have some new, too.

I have posted Carole Carmen's excellent story "The Seeker" in The Last Redoubt section.

I still haven't managed to track down Ms. Carmen. I'm still trying.

At long last! — here's "Inside the Crown" by Robin Wyatt Dunn, a story about the abhuman and a decaying culture.

More stories from the Others' Night Land sections are on the way.

Hail, patient readers.

I haven't updated the site because my mother broke her hip, and I've had computer problems. I'm still behind, but my mother's walking again, and the computer problems will probably be mended when I install a replacement drive.

I will have some updates for you relatively soon.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

A long time ago Raymond C. Leung, who has a gallery here, was setting up an art-based Night Land site. It was never completed, although it's been online. I haven't been able to get it to load for a few days.

The background was a wonderful view of the Last Redoubt in the Night Land. Tonight I realized it wasn't in Mr. Leung's gallery here, so I have added it. 

Added to Future History: The Night Land: The History of the Lesser Redoubt, and Disuse of Distance Weapons at the Pyramid.

The Future History: The Night Land section now has useful information. I'm not sure I've remembered everything in the book that should ultimately go there, but I have picked out the most prominent information about the Moving Cities, the Descent, the Darkening, and so on.