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John Linwood Grant of Grey Dog Tales has finished up a month-long celebration of William Hope Hodgson with several posts of interest.

The Writer on the Borderland 9: An Editor Calls has, among other things:

  • A link to Alfred Hitchcock's production of Mr. Hodgson's sea horror story "A Voice in the Night";
  • Links and reproduced critical material;
  • A reprint of James Bojaciuk's essay "A Concluding Oink", from Sargasso: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies No. 2, discussing the Hog (from the Carnacki story) and the swine-things from The House on the Borderland.

The Writer on the Borderland 10: He's Alive, Jim includes:

  • "The Strange Case of the Books in the Night", an essay by Sam Gafford explaining how H. C. Koenig's efforts prevented Mr. Hodgson's work from being forgotten. (Mr. Koenig is mentioned in H. P. Lovecraft's letters for loaning Mr. Hodgson's books.)
  • Another essay by Mr. Bojaciuk discussing the identity of Thomas Carnacki's father.

William Hope Hodgson 11: Critical Voices includes:

  • An interesting interview with Sam Gafford

The Writer on the Borderland 12: All Hallows' Exhaustion includes:

  • A link to three Carnacki audiobooks narrated by David Ian Davies and published by Blackstone Audio.

Blackstone Audio has another Carnacki story and The Night Land too, for surprisingly affordable prices.

Grey Dog Tales also has a gallery of cover art for Mr. Hodgson's works, and in many cases, his photos are of less-beat-up books than ours are.

Incidentally, Mr. Grant's longdog posts are frequently hilarious.