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William Hope Hodgson blog Sam Gafford's excellent blog.
Forgotten Futures Carnacki Worldbook This RPG gaming resource by Marcus L. Rowland is a fascinating attempt to systematise the "Abnatural" elements in the Carnacki stories. Also has the Carnacki stories themselves.
The Carnacki Cinematograph A fine flash site on Carnacki.
William Hope Hodgson Enthusiasts Almost worth enduring Facebook for.
William Hope Hodgson's 'The Night Land' A newer Facebook group devoted to Mr. Hodgson's magnum opus.
William Hope Hodgson Alan Gullette's excellent page on this writer: contains several essays and much biographical and bibliographical material; a must-read.
Clark Ashton Smith His appreciation of Hodgson.
Great SF The Great SF page on Hodgson.
Hobgoblin Press A small press that produces rare books by Hodgson, as well as some other writers of fantastic horror.
Night Shade Books A page on their Collected Works, a five-volume set.
Wildside Press The part of their fantasy classics subsection devoted to Hodgson.
Philippe Druillet's illustrations For several of Hodgson's novels.
The Hour Slips A fan site by Banks Miller.
The NIGHTLAND Raymond C Leung's art-based Night Land fan site.