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A native of Birmingham, Alabama (United States), THE WRECK OF THE AETHERWING is the first piece of fiction James will have had published.

“I have always wanted to write, yet hesitated to do so in light of my mind being inundated with a surfeit of Lovecraft and Tolkien. I didn’t want to write pastiches. This NIGHT LAND project allowed me to write in an established and structured milieu, yet one that was filled with sufficient mystery as well as unexplored eras and areas to allow one a relatively free hand.

I’ve been fascinated with Hodgson since I first read TNL as a teenager. I didn’t care about the laborious writing style, or the gross repetition of certain mundane events and statements: the sheer vistas of the benighted Earth caught me up, and have never wholly left me. I’m very pleased to offer this tale as a small homage to the legacy of THE NIGHT LAND.”