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I first became aware of William Hope Hodgson's world after hearing positive buzz about Awake in the Night Land by John C. Wright. A few minutes into John C. Wright's first story, I was already in love with the world without ever having read Hodgson's book. I know of nothing like The Night Land, no other works of fantasy have conveyed to me a sense of vastness, mystery, darkness, love, and hope quite like it. As an illustrator, I've found ample inspiration from the otherworldly and vague nature of the Night Land, and from the more tangible, but equally mysterious Redoubt. My goal is to capture those feelings as best as I can. I also want to be respectful of Hodgson's descriptions of his world, so that viewers get a more or less accurate picture of the Night Land without any careless inaccuracy so jarring to those that love the work. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my depictions of The Night Land.