Hail! I have three changes to the site to tell you about.

First, I reversed the post order here in the Journal so it's displaying most recent on top. When you see this at the top of the page, it's the newest post.

Second: we have a good-looking new picture by Phil Trusinski. It's the last in his gallery.

Third, Brett Davidson has decided to republish his earlier Night Land stories on the site. We have several up, as you can see from looking at his author page, but a few were reduced to samples following the publication of the Night Lands anthologies. This will make all of his shorter Night Land works available here.

I have to reformat the stories to republish. I'll put up notices here in the journal as I complete them.

Grey Dog Tales is hosting a month-long celebration of William Hope Hodgson. (Since I was bringing the site up, I'm a little late with this notification.)

William Hope Hodgson is often praised for his fantastic vision. He's not often praised for his characterization. Yet John Linwood Grant, in a post entitled "The Writer on the Borderland 1: Hodgson and Carnacki", points out that Mr. Hodgson's characterization of his occult detective Thomas Carnacki shows some humanizing characteristics not so clearly depicted in other writers' counterparts.

I note that the same effect takes place in The Night Land. Mr. Hodgson often depicted protagonists who were desperately afraid of the weird threats they confronted: I believe a courageous character showing fear to be part of his technique for making his Outer Monstrosities fearful. X, the unnamed hero of The Night Land, is a brave, determined man and an accomplished fighter; and he regards certain of the Night Land's creatures with utter dread.

Mr. Grant is the author of Tales of the Last Edwardian, a series of ghost or horror tales. They are available for free from Smashwords.

In the second half of the post Tim Prasil discusses how an anti-supernatural canon historically came to inform the literary concept of the mystery story.

Mr. Prasil is the author of the Vera Van Slyke occult detective stories.

Our gallery plugin is very capable, but it has a bug that makes it easy to think it's saved when it really hasn't. So I've sometimes thought I've fixed a caption, forgotten to check, and later discovered it was still wrong. Also, occasionally I discover I've wrongly labelled a picture, or forgot to label it.

I'm not sure I have the best gallery settings yet. Our pictures are of widely varying sizes and aspect ratios. Most galleries won't handle this variety without cutting off parts of some thumbnails, which can make the art look bad. So I chose one which is capable of displaying the whole image even as a thumbnail. But handling pictures of such different dimensions makes it difficult to fix on a gallery layout, since some of the images are much larger than others, and I have to accommodate the largest dimension I'm going to display.

If we have fewer than five of your pictures, your work is in the Other Artists' Gallery. Otherwise you have a separate gallery on the main gallery page.

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On the old site, we had three categories of Night Land stories:

  • Eternal Love;
  • Nightmares of the Fall;
  • The Days of Darkening.

When Mr. Robertson published the print anthologies (Eternal Love and Nightmares of the Fall), he took some of the complete stories down, and left samples up. Further, some of the authors have since republished, and their stories were also shortened to samples.

As a consequence, we had only three complete stories left in the Eternal Love section. I have therefore combined Eternal Love and Nightmares of the Fall into The Last Redoubt.

As  The Days of Darkening anthology planned was never published, we still have many Darkening stories — enough to make combining all the Night Land stories in a single category unwieldy.

Under About – Authors and Artists, we have a list of contributors. It includes musings, thoughts about the Night Land, website links, story links, gallery links, and so on.

Please look yours over to make sure it exists (if you want it to), links to the right places, and reads the way you want it to read.

You can email me any corrections at nightland *at* starsofwinter.com.


What if you could be a divinity?

What if it cost you everything?

What if you faced monsters more terrible than you could imagine?

What if those monsters might be your salvation?

The sun has died...
Not a planet, not a star shines n the black heavens above The Night Land.

In its midst The Last Redoubt, a vast, pyramid-shaped arcology, stands obdurate against the night, while within it the remnant millions of humanity live and thrive. The Days of Light are less than a legend to them, mouldered to dust amidst the chaos of ancient libraries.

Outside, strange immense and malevolent entities watch — and wait.

The Last Redoubt has stood ten million years and may stand ten million years more - but its final fall is inevitable. The last age is drawing to its close and the end of everything comes ever nearer.

The people of the Last Redoubt face this fate with stoicism, hedonism, heroic folly... except for two secretive orders who are making plans for survival and have found their champions, a man and a woman who will together carry the essence of humanity beyond the end of night.

But can they preserve their own humanity as well?

Brett Davidson's long-awaited Night Land novel Anima has been published by Three-Legged Fox. It's illustrated by well-known artist SMS, whose work has frequently appeared in Interzone, and who has a Night Land gallery here. It's 432 pages, and available as a hardcover or a paperback.

Anima is available at:

I made a new version of the Timeline, adapted for this installation. It's built along the same lines as the old Timeline, but it's a bit shorter physically (you'll do less scrolling to reach the bottom).

I'm not sure every story is at the right date, or in the right order. The Timeline is only approximate, so I'm not aiming at exactitude. But if you see stories out of their intended order, or at the wrong time, let me know.

You can email nightland %at% starsofwinter.com.