I've added missing links to Brett Davidson's republished stories to the Timeline and the Chronological List of Stories, as well as his author page.

I'm now also working on the Multimedia Gallery. I'm not sure how long that's going to take — a few days, at least.

The Links page needs many links, also.

I didn't realize I hadn't put Mr. Davidson's fine story Imago back up until I was adding some links to the Timeline and discovered the story wasn't there to link to. It's up now!

We have a terrific new gallery of Night Land art by professional artist Jeremiah Humphries, who was much inspired by the stories of John C. Wright.

I'm starting to bring back the Others' Night Lands section, which was on the old site.

Our first entry therein, however, is a new story:

"For Every Lost Tomorrow", by Greg Gwyther, of Disciples of Solid Sound. It's about the Fall of the Lesser Redoubt. Not everyone, it seems, went gentle into that Dark Night. Many of our stories have a literary voice, but this one reads rather as if it were written by the working, fighting folk it's about.

On this site soon, we'll have a new story by Greg Gwyther. It's called "For Every Lost Tomorrow," and it's about the fall of the Lesser Redoubt.

We have new artwork by Phil Trusinski.

For those of you who like to subscribe to blogs with feedreaders, I've made links to this journal's Atom and RSS feeds at the bottom of the page.

I set up an experimental Feedburner feed for the site, and I see a couple of folk beside me have subscribed (welcome!). I'm not confident that Google's going to keep the service up indefinitely, and I may eventually do something else. But I'll leave the Feedburner feed up, for your convenience.

I've also fixed a formatting error in the Essay section.