• Artists, Please Check Your Galleries

    Our gallery plugin is very capable, but it has a bug that makes it easy to think it's saved when it really hasn't. So I've sometimes thought I've fixed a caption, forgotten to check, and later discovered it was still wrong. Also, occasionally I discover I've wrongly labelled a picture, or forgot to label it.

    I'm not sure I have the best gallery settings yet. Our pictures are of widely varying sizes and aspect ratios. Most galleries won't handle this variety without cutting off parts of some thumbnails, which can make the art look bad. So I chose one which is capable of displaying the whole image even as a thumbnail. But handling pictures of such different dimensions makes it difficult to fix on a gallery layout, since some of the images are much larger than others, and I have to accommodate the largest dimension I'm going to display.

    If we have fewer than five of your pictures, your work is in the Other Artists' Gallery. Otherwise you have a separate gallery on the main gallery page.

    You can email me at nightland <at>

  • New Artwork

    We have new artwork by Phil Trusinski.

  • New Picture; Journal Order Changed; Returning Stories

    Hail! I have three changes to the site to tell you about.

    First, I reversed the post order here in the Journal so it's displaying most recent on top. When you see this at the top of the page, it's the newest post.

    Second: we have a good-looking new picture by Phil Trusinski. It's the last in his gallery.

    Third, Brett Davidson has decided to republish his earlier Night Land stories on the site. We have several up, as you can see from looking at his author page, but a few were reduced to samples following the publication of the Night Lands anthologies. This will make all of his shorter Night Land works available here.

    I have to reformat the stories to republish. I'll put up notices here in the journal as I complete them.

  • Next Astronomy Essay Section Published

    The Fading Sun (Part 2) is about stellar evolution inĀ The House on the Borderland.

    As you can no doubt tell, I really, really need more art to represent the waning of the Kelvin-Helmholtz-inspired Sun. But I haven't had the time to make anything new yet.

  • The Night Land Art of Jeremiah Humphries

    We have a terrific new gallery of Night Land art by professional artist Jeremiah Humphries, who was much inspired by the stories of John C. Wright.