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  • Anima at Last! Brett Davidson's New Night Land Novel


    What if you could be a divinity?

    What if it cost you everything?

    What if you faced monsters more terrible than you could imagine?

    What if those monsters might be your salvation?

    The sun has died...
    Not a planet, not a star shines n the black heavens above The Night Land.

    In its midst The Last Redoubt, a vast, pyramid-shaped arcology, stands obdurate against the night, while within it the remnant millions of humanity live and thrive. The Days of Light are less than a legend to them, mouldered to dust amidst the chaos of ancient libraries.

    Outside, strange immense and malevolent entities watch — and wait.

    The Last Redoubt has stood ten million years and may stand ten million years more - but its final fall is inevitable. The last age is drawing to its close and the end of everything comes ever nearer.

    The people of the Last Redoubt face this fate with stoicism, hedonism, heroic folly... except for two secretive orders who are making plans for survival and have found their champions, a man and a woman who will together carry the essence of humanity beyond the end of night.

    But can they preserve their own humanity as well?

    Brett Davidson's long-awaited Night Land novel Anima has been published by Three-Legged Fox. It's illustrated by well-known artist SMS, whose work has frequently appeared in Interzone, and who has a Night Land gallery here. It's 432 pages, and available as a hardcover or a paperback.

    Anima is available at:

  • AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND by John C Wright

    cover of Awake in the Night Land, showing a tall pyramid in darkness lit at the top.

  • Happy Twelfth Night

    ... since I'm a little late for Christmas and New Year's Day.

    I'm preparing an ebook version of Brett Davidson's Night Land novel Anima.

    Hugh J. Yeman has written an interesting blog post ruminating on The Night Land, Deep Time, and the memory of his late uncle.

  • Imago (Part 1)

    A traveller beholds a tall pyramid in darkness.

  • Imago (Part 2)

    A traveller beholds a tall pyramid in darkness.

  • Minotaur (Part 1)

    A pentagonal building in darkness, seen from above.

  • Minotaur (Part 2)

    A pentagonal building in darkness, seen from above.

  • New Picture; Journal Order Changed; Returning Stories

    Hail! I have three changes to the site to tell you about.

    First, I reversed the post order here in the Journal so it's displaying most recent on top. When you see this at the top of the page, it's the newest post.

    Second: we have a good-looking new picture by Phil Trusinski. It's the last in his gallery.

    Third, Brett Davidson has decided to republish his earlier Night Land stories on the site. We have several up, as you can see from looking at his author page, but a few were reduced to samples following the publication of the Night Lands anthologies. This will make all of his shorter Night Land works available here.

    I have to reformat the stories to republish. I'll put up notices here in the journal as I complete them.

  • Republished Story: "Little Watcher" by Brett Davidson

    A bizarre creature that looks like a bald head with tentacles.I have another republished story for you: "Little Watcher," by Brett Davidson. This is the first story in the Pallin trilogy Mr. Davidson wrote, though it's the last chronologically.  It was published in Interzone and earned a mention in Gardner Dozois' The Year's Best Science Fiction.

  • Republished Story: "Minotaur" by Brett Davidson

    A five-sided building in darkness, seen from overhead Brett Davidson has graciously allowed the republication of his novelettes on the site. They haven't been available here since they were published in Night Lands Volume II: Nightmares of the Fall in 2007.

    The two novelettes are "Minotaur" and "Little Watcher." They involve Pallin of Asphodelos and Lady Hecane from "The Astronomer," which has been available here. Since all three are linked stories, I've given them their own subcategory:

    Stories > Night Land Stories > The Last Redoubt > Pallin of Asphodelos

    "Minotaur" is up this week. "Little Watcher" is coming next week.

  • Republished Story: Imago by Brett Davidson

    I didn't realize I hadn't put Mr. Davidson's fine story Imago back up until I was adding some links to the Timeline and discovered the story wasn't there to link to. It's up now!

  • Site Work

    I've added missing links to Brett Davidson's republished stories to the Timeline and the Chronological List of Stories, as well as his author page.

    I'm now also working on the Multimedia Gallery. I'm not sure how long that's going to take — a few days, at least.

    The Links page needs many links, also.